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Ball Joints!!
04-22-2010, 07:32 PM
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Ball Joints!!
I have a 1997 V40 CDi auto which has covered 150K miles. I need to have my lower arm ball joints replaced which is a job I would normally attempt myself. Having attempted this in the past, I couldn't seem to be able to release the ball joint from the arm. Does the joint come out from the arm or do I have to replace the whole arm??
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04-22-2010, 10:10 PM
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RE: Ball Joints!!
Not having worked on a Volvo in 20 years I would say to look at the replacement parts first and that will give you a clue.

Using some domestic cars of the last 20 years as an example I have seen ball joints rivited from the factory and replacements are bolted in. Some are pressed into the lower arm and can be done with a BFH and a spare jack stand (watch your knuckles) while others need to be done in a shop press or with a special portable press. Some aftermarket companies like TRW offer "rebuilt" control arms that come with a new joint and bushings, which usually start dry-cracking after 10 years or so anyway.

BTW, on many cars you need to completely remove the pinch-bolt to release the ball joint stud because there's a notch machined in it for safety reasons, like in case the bolt is not tight enough. It also keeps the stud from moving (frozen joint?) so the hole doesn't wear.
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