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08-14-2008, 10:44 PM
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Hello ALL,,

the error code is P0401, EGR low flow
the engine is running OK
2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4L all stock
Automatic, front wheel drive.

what are the most likely items to look at or repair?

by the way this is my wife's car "HELP"

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08-14-2008, 11:08 PM (This post was last modified: 08-14-2008 11:27 PM by Rupe.)
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RE: P0401
This is a common enough issue and easily resolved if you are willing to spend a bit of time working up-side down or by feel. (Chrysler has a habit of sticking these things in tight quarters)

Basically the EGR valve has a piece of crud in it or the vacuum line is split. (if it has one)

You need to remove the valve (usually under the intake butterfly) and carefully clean everything. Make sure the valve moves freely and seats fully. Blow out the passages in the manifold too. Reassemble with new gaskets (or a VERY light coating of high temp silicone on the old gaskets) and see if it runs smoothly.

While you are in there you might want to clean the throttle body too. (special cleaner available at most parts stores) This is the area where the butterfly controls the intake air. Directly next to the butterfly there's a small passage to the IAC (idle Air Control) and you should flush that with cleaner as well. This will help prevent sticky high idle situations and allow smooth transitions when selecting the AC or other accessories that require idle compensation.

Just a caution here... after using any cleaning solvents the engine may be hard to start so hold the gas pedal down and crank it as if it was flooded. Hold a fast idle for a minute to clear things out and see how it is.

If all seems ok then next step is a trip to someone with a scan tool to reset the light. Most auto parts stores will do this for nothing in hopes that you buy some parts from them.

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