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Honda Engine
06-26-2015, 09:14 PM
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Honda Engine
We recently took our truck, a Honda Ridgeline, into a shop for transmission problems. We have been told that the transmission, as well as the radiator both need replaced. The radiator evidently leaked into the transmission. After a $2,600 quote, we had another call from the same shop informing us that the engine was now also shot. Apparently carbon monoxide is to blame for ruining the engine. We are now looking at a total of $6,000 in repairs. Oddly enough, the shop recommended not doing it for the time/money wouldn't be worth it. What would you suggest we do next? Is it possible for carbon monoxide to ruin the engine?
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06-26-2015, 09:56 PM
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RE: Honda Engine
OK, I can grasp how a radiator leaking coolant into the trany (via the trany cooler) can ruin things and make for expensive repairs but I have to ask where the carbon monoxide came from? Perhaps there's some sort of misunderstanding and he said the exhaust shows high levels of carbon dioxide. It's also common to have cooling system issues and read carbon dioxide (CO2) in the radiator due to a cracked head or blown head gasket.

BTW, carbon dioxide (CO) is what we breathe out. It's a non toxic gas. Carbon dioxide is poison to us humans but basically harmless within an engine provided it stays where it belongs. (exhaust and EGR system) So many people mix these up so I have to mention it.

Sooo, you didn't say how old this truck is or what the condition is. $6k in a five year old vehicle is one thing but ten plus years old would certainly give me pause as to it's value after the repairs are done.
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