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cruse control failure
11-17-2013, 08:47 PM
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RE: cruse control failure
Just a couple of reminders before starting the job:

First is to set the wheels straight ahead then remove the key to keep them locked there.
Second thing is to disconnect the battery, touch the cable ends together to discharge any stored power, then let some time to pass which will allow any other stored power to drain away from the various systems in the car. Reading this will be between 1 and 30 minutes so pause for a beer, coffee, lunch, or spend the time gathering up your tools, etc for the task. Airbags are expensive and you don't want one to accidentally inflate, which may also cause injury. They can launch a person off the ground so you can imagine what might happen to your fingers if not carefull! (search You Tube for "airbag pranks" if you want to see someone else get hurt)

Ok, back to your question of removing the bag itself. I have not done a Ford product in a long time but reading this might be held in place by clips rather than nuts, screws, bolts, torx head or otherwise. Most of those would be obvious if inspected with a light and a mirror. Hard to explain how those clips might be released but I suspect a little study up close may help. I know I spent 30 minutes swearing at a GM product the first time I had to deal with a clip-in system. What I did was use a wide blade screw driver to gain a little space (and a flash light) so I could see how the clip worked. Of course I had the wheel turned for a better view, so remember to turn it back to "straight ahead" once the airbag is finally off. This is a MUST as the new clock-spring may be damaged! It can only turn so far in either direction so the starting from the center point is critical.

BTW, do NOT reconnect the battery till everything is fully assembled or you may set trouble codes in the airbag system. Also be aware the engine may run slightly rough till it warms up due to the ECM having to "learn" again. It should be fine by the next cold start.
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