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clunking noise - tommyboy - 03-05-2014 04:50 PM

I have this clunking noise in my GMC sub. k2500 7.4L not sure where it is coming from just happens intermittently while driving I have noticed that it happens more while cold then after driving for a while, does not seem to happen weather turning or going straight it has no preference it just happens when it wants I have taken it to the shop but like when you make an appointment at the doctors the problem goes away even after a 20 minute test drive still would not do it.

don't know where to start any help would be appreciated


RE: clunking noise - Rupe - 03-05-2014 06:51 PM

Need more info.... front, rear, left, right, fast, slow, driving over bumps, or on smooth road? One bang or repeated clunks? Can you make it do the noise again? What year is it?

Do you have a bowling ball in the trunk? (have seen worse)

RE: clunking noise - tommyboy - 03-06-2014 07:05 AM

ok it is a 93 with 230,000 miles some times it sounds like it is coming from the rear sometimes the front right just had front wheel bearings changed thought that may be the problem but continues. I do notice it more often on bumpy roads then smooth ones but it will do it while driving the expressway no set speed of when it happens but when on the highway it will only happen about every 10 or 20 miles. it is like a little hiccup no big jerking or anything like that, and the engine runs smooth could it be the rear axle or the transfer case. hoping not for either of those can be a pricey fix even for a diy'er like me. changed the rear u-joints doesn't seem to make any difference on what I change and summer is just around the corner and trying to get it ready for camping season. hoping for a great summer. lol

and no I have no bowling ball in the trunk I wish it was that simple