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2004 liberty - ve77er - 11-28-2011 04:15 AM

I just did a complete brake job (pads and rotors fornt and rear) on my neighbor's 2004 Jeep Liberty, when I removed the rear rotors, the right parking brake shoes fell out and the left side were non-existent, I am wondering if some of our fine moderators here have ever experienced a similar situation, the neighbor, was quoted almost 800.00 for the brake job at a local shop, I was able to buy all the parts for less than 200.00 and about 4 hours all told for labor in my driveway. she was thrilled but I am really wondering about those parking brake shoes???
...................................Chris Cool

RE: 2004 liberty - Rupe - 11-28-2011 11:09 AM

Yeah, common enough problem with that style parking brake... mostly because people seldom use the parking brake and they load up with crud from the road. They use the brake once or twice and it hangs up, only to wear down to nothing. Also consider that the design being similar to a typical drum brake the inside hub area will get rusty / rough because it's never used to stop the vehicle while moving. Think about how quickly that will wear a shoe down if they forget to release the parking brake even just once.

Also a big difference between OEM parts pricing and typical aftermarket cost. You have to watch the non-OEM parts like a hawk these days. Some are so cheesey they don't last half as long as the original.

BTW, I have an 2002 Liberty and front rotors had a variation of almost $50 each between between brand name and white box brand. OEM is still more. That's gotta tell you something about the quality out there!