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a/c intermiting - ronaldcole - 08-27-2011 01:19 PM

need help finding bcm 2002 grand cher. a/c not working part time &windows won't work part time no prower at window switch when not working &a/c not working when a/c working working windows work if idle low 650 rpm will quit idle up 1000 rpm everything will work

RE: a/c intermiting - Rupe - 08-27-2011 11:48 PM

If it's really a BCM issue that's a toughy to find because they are set up to the individual vehicle, including the VIN and mileage in certain cases. It's a one shot deal so you can't program it a second time. The only hope you have with a used unit is to find the EXACT car with the EXACT accessory package and MAYBE it will work out.

BTW, to know for sure you need to find someone with a high end scanner who knows how to use it... and most likely that will be a dealer.

Let us know how you make out.